Shortlist test report


The site A Different End Of The Internet is tested with Linktiger. This test site contains 12 visible broken links (5 images and 7 clickable links).

At least 11 (out of this 12) broken links must be detected to get placed at the shortlist.


Input form of Linktiger The following broken links are ...


  1. https://scontent-​amt2-​1.​xx.​fbcdn.​net/​v/​t39.2365-6/​32220240_​200651090730619_​3989865546436546​346534943638274048_​n.​png
  2. https://static.​xx.​fbcdn.​net/​rsrc.​php/​v3/​yb/​r/​GsNJ4265445232352​NwuI-​UM.​gif
  3. no-gif.gif
  4. no-png.png
  5. no-jpg.jpg
  7. https://www.face-bookcom/
  8. /no-dir/no-file.htm
  9. ./no-subdir/no-file.htm
  10. ../no-subdirectory/no-file.htm
  11. no-page.htm


  1. None!


This broken link checker seems to meet the criteria for the shortlist. However during the tests I discovered that there isn't a free version of Linktiger. It is advised to use another free broken link checker.


However ... Linktiger is a very interesting link checker. The reason is that you get at a regular base (daily or weekly) a mail with the number of broken links found at your site. I have to say, such a mail is a perfect trigger to repair or replace broken links. Hence I decided to test the quality of Linktiger in depth.


With Linktiger the following sites are tested:

  1. A Different End Of The Internet
  3. Rusty Links
  4. Dead Link City


The average speed of this broken link checker is not relevant.

The maximum number of links being tested is 1000 during the first free month.

In fact the number of links being tested depends on the pricing plan you choose (as mentioned before Linktiger isn't free). It varies from 1000 links to 3M+ links.

Slow websites are tolerated when they respond within 20 seconds.

Unknown status codes (LinkedIn!) are considered an error.


  1. Testing with A Different End Of The Internet give these results:
    1. PASSED: Examines links to other resources (the src attribute) - Should
    2. PASSED: Examines structural links (the link tag) - Should
    3. FAILED: Respects robots.txt of the-linked-to-website - Could
    4. Not applicable: Presents unchecked links due to the robots.txt directive at the-linked-to-website - Must
  2. Testing with give these results:
    1. PASSED: Detects link error 404 - Must
    2. PASSED: Detects all link errors in the 400 and 500 range - Should
    3. PASSED: Detects redirected links - Should
  3. Testing with Dead Link City give these results:
    1. PASSED: Examines links in stylesheets - Could
  4. Testing with Rusty Links give these results:
    1. PASSED: Examines internal links - Must
    2. PASSED: Examines relative links in combination with the base tag - Should
    3. FAILED: Examines inline (anchor) links - Could
    4. PASSED: Examines external links - Must
    5. PASSED: Examines standard hyperlinks (the a tag) - Must
    6. PASSED: Ignores structural links with the dns-prefetch attribute - Could
    7. FAILED: Examines links with other schemes (at least FTP://) - Could
    8. PASSED: Examines Unicode links - Should
    9. FAILED: Detects blacklisted links (at least blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing) - Could
    10. PASSED: Respects robots.txt - Should
    11. PASSED: Allows you to test websites with up to 500 links - Must
    12. FAILED: Allows you to test websites with up to 2000 links - Should
    13. FAILED: Allows you to test websites with up to 5000 links - Should
    14. FAILED: Allows you to test websites without a restriction on the number of links - Should

The tests done by hand give these results:

  1. PASSED: Allows you to take a subdirectory as base for the test - Should
  2. FAILED: Allows you to start the test with a single click (after entering the to be tested URL) - Could
  3. PASSED: Allows you to use your mobile device - Could (only for online link checkers)
  4. Not applicable: Allows you to use a graphical user interface - Could (only for offline link checkers)
  5. FAILED: Allows you to test an unlimited number of websites - Should
  6. PASSED: Allows you to retest a website unlimited - Must
  7. PASSED: Allows you to save the results (internal or by an CSV export) - Could
  8. PASSED: Presents the results in one overview - Should
  9. PASSED: Presents 200 Ok and broken links - Could
  10. PASSED: Presents the webpage where an issue is found - Should
  11. PASSED: Presents in detail (e.g. linenumber, source viewer) where an issue is found - Could
  12. PASSED: Presents in a clear way the results when there are no issues found - Could
  13. Not applicable: Test at least 5 links per second - Could
  14. Not applicable: Test at least 10 links per second - Could
  15. Not applicable: Test at least 15 links per second - Could
  16. Not applicable: Test at least 20 links per second - Could
  17. Not applicable: Test at least 25 links per second - Could


Due to the fact that Linktiger mails you the result, the test speed is not applicable. Hence the max score is 82 instead of 87. Based on the results above 57 points (out of 82) were earned. That gives a score of 70%. Note that this score increases when you use a larger paid plan.

As always, it depends on your requirements whether this is the ideal linkchecker for you. At least a pre is the regular mail you get from Linktiger.

The Dead Link City score is 57/75.