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Shortlist test report


The site A Different End Of The Internet is tested with Online Domain Tools. This test site contains 12 visible broken links (5 images and 7 clickable links).

At least 11 (out of this 12) broken links, or 9 (out of 10) broken links when the broken link checker respects robots.txt at the-linked-to-website, must be detected to get placed at the shortlist.


Input form of Online Domain Tools The following broken links are ...


  1. no-gif.gif
  2. no-png.png
  3. no-jpg.jpg
  5. https://www.face-bookcom/
  6. /no-dir/no-file.htm
  7. ./no-subdir/no-file.htm
  8. ../no-subdirectory/no-file.htm
  9. no-page.htm


  1. https://scontent-​amt2-​1.​xx.​fbcdn.​net/​v/​t39.2365-6/​32220240_​200651090730619_​3989865546436546​346534943638274048_​n.​png
  2. https://static.​xx.​fbcdn.​net/​rsrc.​php/​v3/​yb/​r/​GsNJ4265445232352​NwuI-​UM.​gif


Two "missed" broken links are blocked by robots.txt, so the score is 9/10. This broken link checker does meet the criteria for the shortlist. Hence it is placed at the (Online) shortlist.

The results of linkchecker

The results of Online Domain Tools