Detailed test results

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Detailed test results

All broken link checkers at the shortlist of free broken link checker tools are fine. Which link checker is the ideal link checker for you depends on your specific requirements and weighing factors.

Hence here is the comparison table (Excel, .XLSX) in which you might change your own weighing factors in the yellow column.

Note that in this spreadsheet the score for the Musts is 5 points, which makes the end score slightly different.

Not all Musts met

These link checkers are not adviced, because not all Musts are met.

  1. Linkchecker Windows, OSX, Linux - 84% (71/75)
  2. DeepTrawl Windows, OSX - 74% (29/75)
  3. Insite Windows - 70% (76/75)
  4. Online Domain Tools Website Link Checker Online - 54% (69/75)
  5. Atom Seo Error 404 Online - 48% (45/75)